Why men can breakup with women so easy
May 2, 2015

Being single

Before I start, I should state that I have absolutely no qualifications to give advice. What I’m writing is just my own personal feelings. I did get some of these ideas from books, and articles, but I’m only repeating what I feel is true.

You’ll notice that I usually say we, instead of you. That’s because I’m writing to me, as much as I am to you. I hope my writing skills will improve as I keep trying, and it wouldn’t come out as a bunch of drivel. Anyway, I’m trying to be honest about what I feel, if it comes out wrong, just remember I’m not a writer.

Most of us, including me, would like to enter into another (or first) meaningful relationship. The key word here is meaningful. We need to be comfortable with who we are, and with being alone, before we go searching for a partner in life.

Before we start a meaningful relationship, we have to learn to like ourselves. Until we can do that, we wouldn’t be able to love someone else. If we want real love, then we need to have enough self confidence, and self respect to unconditionally accept the other person for who they are. That doesn’t mean we have to be conceited, just that we respect, and trust ourselves, while accepting the fact that we aren’t perfect.